Vlasta Pospíšilová

Vlasta Pospíšilová was born in 1935 in Prague. She graduated from the College of Artistic Design, where she specialised in puppeteering and scene designing. In 1956, she enrolled as an animator in the Studio of Puppet Film in Prague, where Jiří Trnka was in the process of producing a full length puppet film A Midsummer Night's Dream. With his artistic guidance, she acquired professional skills that she used in all her following work. She independently animated the films Archangel Gabriel and Mrs. Goose and The Cybernetic Grandmother. In addition, she has worked alongside other artists on a large number of puppet, flat figure and experimental projects, as well as combined animated and acted films. One example of her work was the creation of a puppet double for a live actor in a television series called Mr. Tau (directed by J. Polák). Since the late seventies Vlasta Pospíšilová has directed puppet films. As can be seen from her first fairy tale, About Maryška and the Wolf Castle, films about families containing mysterious elements are her main field of interest (such as Lady Poverty). In the nineties she created a 30-episode puppet film entitled Fireflies. In 2000, she created a third fairy-tale by Jan Werich, The Fulfilled Dream. The film is part of Jan Werich's pentalogy Fimfárum (directed together with Aurel Klimt). Pospíšilová's films made according to Werich's tales have culminated with a fairy tale called Three Sisters, one of the four parts of the feature film Fimfárum 2.(via)

Broucci : Episode 1 (1995)

Broucci : Episode 2 (1995)

Broucci : Episode 3 (1995)

Splneny Sen : PART 1/2

Splneny Sen :PART 2/2


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