Adam Bizanski

Born in Haifa, Israel in 1983, Adam Bizanski has been drawing and sculpting for as long as he can remember. While he received no formal art education, he came from a home in which art was practiced and encouraged. Small- scale sculpture appeals most to Bizanski, who uses materials such as office supplies, bits and parts of electrical appliances, and “whatever is in arm’s reach.” While studying computers and communications in high school, Bizanski decided to produce his graduate film independently using stop-motion animation. Self-taught, he created a short 6 minute film that received acclaim at the Jerusalem Film Festival. During his mandatory three-year stint in the Israeli military, where his specialty was Field Intelligence, Bizanski independently created music videos for Israeli musicians; these included stop-motion and semi-animation techniques. He went on to create a stop-motion video for the Shins (Sub Pop), one of his favorite bands from the army years. "Pink Bullets" went on to win Best Animation, music video, at Asifa-Israel Animation Festival; he had won the same award the previous year for Yoni Bloch "Naim Bachuts" (NMC Music). Bizanski’s accolades also include an honorable mentioning at the Jerusalem Film Festival for "A Story with a So-so Ending" (2001). He currently resides in Tel Aviv.

The Shins - "Pink Bullets"

Wolf Parade - "Modern World"

Dntel - "The Distance"

Guster - "Satellite"

Zero 7 - "Left Behind"

Yoni Bloch - "Naim Bachuts"

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