Joan Ashworth

Joan Ashworth studied puppet animation at the National Film School in the mid-80s, graduating with her 18-minute film, The Web, using puppets made of soft leather and adapted from Mervyn Peake´s Titus Groan, the first book of his Gormenghast trilogy. She then went on to co-found the studio 3 Peach Animation, which became a highly successful producer of stop-frame animated commercials and title sequences. Finally becoming frustrated at working with such short formats, and wishing to return to more personal creative work, she moved to become the Head of the Royal College of Art´s highly respected Animation Department, which has won many international festival awards both for individual student films and for ´Best Animation School´. This has enabled her to continue her personal filmmaking, which has seen her move from traditional puppet animation to working with 3D computer technology. (via)

"The Web" (1987)

How Mermaids Breed (2002)

WEB de Joan Ashworth

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