Tim Hope

After completing a degree in Theology, Tim Hope moved to London where he worked as a stand up comedian for four years. He started to explore the possibilities of computer animation to accompany his live performances. Later he created short animated personalised Birthday Cards for his family and friends as a way of saving money. His next project The Wolfman won a number of awards, including the grand jury prize at the Japan Digital Animation Festival. Tim joined Passion Pictures in May 2000 as a director of music videos and commercials. His promos include Trouble (MTV Award 2001, Best Art Direction) for Coldplay and I Walk the Earth for King Biscuit Time, which won the prize for Best Animated Music Video at Annecy 2001, France (the world's largest animation festival). Hope has since directed music videos for One Giant Leap, Jimmy Eat World, Disney and R.E.M. and commercials including Hewlett Packard, Acura and Playstation 2. (via)

"The Wolfman" (1999)

Coldplay - "Don't Panic"

Coldplay - "Trouble"

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