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Alison Snowden grew up in Arnold, a small suburb of Nottingham, England. Her family came from a long line of butchers, but unfortunately Alison showed little talent in this area. Instead, she spent many hours in her bedroom writing stories and poetry and making puppets.
Her interest in drawing and storytelling continued, but at the end of her schooling she was told by a career advisor that she was far too shy to consider a career in the Arts. Too late to reconsider a career in butchery and with no other calling she defied the advisor and took a Foundation course at Mansfield Art College followed by a Degree in Graphic Design at Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry. It was during this degree course that she realised how little she was interested in graphic arts and instead, found an interest in animation and film making.

Her early attempts at animation peaked her interest in film directing and so she applied to Britain's National Film and Television School where she studied live action film making. It was there that she met her partner, David Fine. He is not shy in the least, so together they make one normal person. Both Alison and David's interest in animation remained, despite their working in live action. David introduced Alison to the animated short films of The National Film Board of Canada and, having never been inspired by traditional cartoon animation, she found this a revelation. At the end of the four-year course she embarked on her short animated film SECOND CLASS MAIL. This film won numerous awards including an Oscar® nomination and led to pursuing a career in animation with David.

Other notable (non-nominated) credits include GEORGE AND ROSEMARY and PEOPLE AND SCIENCE: A TEST OF TIME (both 1987), IN AND OUT (1989), THE BOSS (1991), DEADLY DEPOSITS (1993) and the TV series "Bob and Margaret" (1998). Recently, she has directed episodes of the British TV series "Peppa Pig" (2004) and "Shaun the Sheep" (2007) at Aardman Animations. (via)

"Bob's Birthday" part1

"Bob's Birthday" part2

"Bob and Margaret" Pt. 1/2 (1995) wikipedia

"Bob and Margaret" Pt. 2/2 (1995) wikipedia

David Fine, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He made a lot of super 8 and 16mm films as a teenager growing up in the suburbs of Canada's biggest city. Despite the vast wasteland that was the Keele and Finch area of Downsview, David found inspiration and many of his films won awards at various festivals. It was this encouragement and the support of many kind people in the film industry in Toronto, which led to David taking a career as a film maker seriously.
At the age of 17 he made a short animated film called THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN (1982). This was a plasticene animated film about a father and son relationship based around a poker game. He co-directed this film with the renowned documentary film maker Ron Mann, but this was before Ron was renowned. This film got a Canadian Academy Award nomination for best short film. David and Ron also collaborated on other short films and lots of record buying.

Just as he finished high school, he was offered the opportunity to take part in the National Film Board of Canada's student film program. So he moved to Montreal for three months and made three short films there. This visit proved to be a great inspiration as he got to work amongst some of the finest animators in the world, including Caroline Leaf, Janet Perlman, Derek Lamb, Sheldon Cohen, Co Hoedeman and many other talented artists.

After that, at the age of 19, he made a half hour documentary about a renowned Toronto viola maker by the name of Otto Erdesz and his then wife, the famous viola player Rivka Golani. This half hour film was produced as an independent production and was sold to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where it aired nationally in their Canadian Reflections series. The camera man on this documentary was a fellow by the name of Mark Irwin. Mark provided a beautiful look to this film and was kind to fit this job in between his work as D.P. on David Cronenberg features.

After that, David decided to go to film school in England at the prestigious National Film and Television school. There he made two half-hour live action dramas. He also met fellow student Alison Snowden at the film school. They worked on each others films including Alison's short animation, SECOND CLASS MAIL (1985), which went on to win an Oscar nomination and led to their career together in film.

In 1989, they decided to move back to London where they worked for fifteen years, making BOB'S BIRTHDAY (1994), "Bob and Margaret" (1998) and numerous TV ads and other stuff in between.

Snowden (British) and Fine (Canadian) both graduated from The National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield U.K. in 1984, working in both live action and animation. At film school they worked alongside other renowned animators Nick Park and Mark Baker.

After film school they moved to Canada where they worked at The National Film Board. There they made GEORGE AND ROSEMARY (1987), a short animated film about elderly romance. This film received an Oscar nomination, a Canadian Academy Award, first prize at The Zagreb Animation Festival, as well as a number of other awards.

IN AND OUT (1989), a wry film about life beyond the womb, won awards at The Berlin Film Festival, Athens, and a Canadian Academy Award nomination.

Other work includes a segment for the short erotic film PINK KOMKOMMER, the script for the humorously macabre NFB short animation DEADLY DEPOSITS (1993) and various commercial work including the award winning "Smarties Policeman" ad and the national UK campaign for the Inland Revenue featuring a tax inspector voiced by Sir Alec Guiness. Alison has written for the animated series "Peppa Pig" and Alison and David developed the Aardman series "Shaun the Sheep" (2007).

In 2005 they relocated back to Canada, but this time Vancouver, BC! They now happily reside there with their daughter, Lily, who starred as the original voice of Peppa Pig, back when she had a British accent (via)

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