Billie Mintz

"The Long Journey Home" (2008)

En un pueblo dónde nunca la gente ha conocido la enfermedad, un niño debe recorrer la tierra salvaje para encontrar el medicamento a su enfermedad. Vuelve de su gran viaje al pueblo y nadie acepta los cambios que él ha sufrido. Este trabajo forma parte del interesante proyecto filantrópico promovido por Billie Mintz : ARC Institute.

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Billie is an extremely gifted Independent Producer. He graduated from the ITP program in 2004 at the top of his class. He designed and implemented a fully integrated business plan which incorporated his many goals into one impressive long range plan. While the industry felt the pressure of financial cuts and re-allocations, Billie maintained his entrepreneurial attitude and adjusted his expectations to become the company that exists today.

He is well known for his integrity and commitment to advancing the arts, as he develops the business skill that is key in helping artists achieve success as independents. Billie has taken what he has learned and graciously shares his wisdom with emerging producers in an effort to strengthen the community and give back at the same time.

He has demonstrated that it is indeed quite possible to attain financial success while remaining true to his artistic roots.(via)


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