Kaï Lydecken

My name is Kaï Lydecken, and can usually be met as "Ti-Ki" when online.
I was born in Finland sometime back in 1983. I moved to France 15 years ago.
I studied 3d animation at Lisaa in Paris. I'm now graduated and searching a job.
I mainly use Maya, Combustion and Photoshop.
I like to listen to rock music in the likes of Dream theater, Therion and Pink floyd.
I play video games a lot (I started when I was 5 years old with a SEGA SC3000), my favourite game of all time is Fallout but actually I play GTA San Andreas.
I also play street hockey with my friends when I'm not working or playing video-games (and when the weather is nice).

"Poules Quies" (2004)

Web de Kaï Lydecken http://www.tikimatic.net

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