Rein Raamat

Rein Raamat was the first Estonian animator to be really internationally recognized. He established the Tallinnfilm section for drawn cell animation in 1971. Until that, Estonian animation art had been only puppet or object animation.

As Robinson writes openly, Raamat was and is a controversial person in Estonian animation. He is the man behind the ascent of animation art, but also criticized for his way of working. The Estonian animators of today often downplay Raamat’s role, but Robinson gives him the place he rightly deserves.

Raamat’s strong side was to collect together the best possible artists to make the film and run the project through Soviet bureaucracy, stupid orders and censorship. Seventy percent of the animated films had to be done for children, but puppet film section Nukufilm already fulfilled this quota. Raamat could make films for adults.

Raamat even succeeded to make clearly nationalistic films in the Soviet Republic where anything other than Russian nationalism was considered the worst kind of crime. The best example is Suur Tõll (1980), a beautiful film with images of Jüri Arrak and music of Lepo Sumera. Another director of Raamat’s time was Avo Paistik. (via)

Suur Toll - Большой Тылль part 1

Suur Toll - Большой Тылль part 2

Luca, de mundoquelonio nos habla de Suur Tõll o el Gigante Tõll y el origen de esta historia: imprescindible para entender el corto.



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