Jean-Luc Slock

Jean-Luc Slock is Belgian although he was born in 1956 in Köln, Germany. He founded and since 1979 has led the workshop "Camera Enfants Admis", nowadays "Camera-etc", based inLiège. This 10 people animation studio has been granted aid by the Cinema Department of the French speaking community in Belgium for over 25 years.

Jean-Luc Slock is producing animation films with beginners and young authors. The films develop mainly topical subjects like citizenship, environment, health, cultural heritage.

The "Camera-etc" productions allow the participants to express themselves in a creative process and to learn about media language. A fair number of the films are screened in international festivals, worldwide broadcasted, and even awarded.

Member of the ASIFA, "Camera-etc" takes part in international cooperation activities: exchanges, partnerships (Bosnia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Brasil, Vietnam, Africa.), and coproductions with international television companies. Camera-etc has also created an sister association in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, called "Camera & Consorts".

"Un monde pour Tom " 2005

"Max, entre ciel et terre" 2004

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