Siri Melchior

The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside directed by Siri Melchior was made in 2002. It is one of those movies that is distinctive for reasons of style as much as content. A dog has a cat inside. It's not that he/she was born into the wrong gender or anything, it's just that the two quite different characters exist in the same body and fight it out. The hand drawn and painted artwork is drop dead beautiful with dramatically 2D sets and some city shots, either from ground level or looking down, all with vibrant use of colour and a Cubist influence in style. When it is night there is a softness and romance, when it's day the bright blues are uplifting. There is a beauty here that refreshes, as well as making a statement about reconciling the inner conflicts that plague us. The rhythms of Julian McDonald at Sanctuary Townhouse Studios, together with the perfectly matched music of Tanera Dawkins, add a great deal to the atmosphere. It was commissioned by Channel 4 Television. Siri was born in 1971 (Copenhagen, Denmark) and initially obtained her diploma and degree at the Danish Design School and University of Copenhagen. She is another of the celebrated post graduate students at the Royal College of Art. Siri works in London at Passion Pictures and taught animation for a short time at the London College of Printing. (via)

The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside

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