Derek Hayes

Skywhales is a 1983 animated short film that depicts a fictional society of alien creatures dwelling in the atmosphere of a gas giant. The film is notable for the completeness of its depiction of a fictitious society, including alien language, flora, fauna, and social structures and practices.

The story concerns a tribal society of mohawked green skinned creatures, who speak in a complex language of hoots. The hoots are not subtitled, leaving the viewer to determine the meaning from visual context alone. One significant tribal custom introduced early on is the appearance of a subset of the population with dead white skin color, encountering them causes the protagonist to shield his eyes from viewing them and allow them to pass. It soon becomes apparent that the society lives in the atmosphere on flying islands, and use paddled, flying wooden craft to hunt large winged creatures, the skywhales of the title. After a particularly dramatic hunt, the protagonist hiccups, and acquires the same dead white pallor seen before. His distraught companions react with disbelief, then adopt the convention of shielding their eyes. They follow him on his journey to an open pit, and watch him pitch himself forward. Unseen by them, he falls all night, as a cocoon forms around him. At daybreak, having fallen out of the floating island, he hatches from the cocoon as a juvenile skywhale, and flys off. (via)

"Skywhales" (1983). Phil Austin and Derek Hayes

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The Miracle Maker (2000) Derek W. Hayes y Stanislav Sokolov


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