Darren Walsh

Darren Walsh trained at West Surrey College of Art & Design, where he completed his award-winning graduation film "Oozat" (1993). He later worked as a freelance animator in Bristol on commercials and music videos, earning a number of awards and much recognition for his work. In 2003, he moved to London and joined Passion Pictures, where he has directed a series of commercials which combine live-action and animation in major international campaigns.

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Angry Kid - Russian Roulette

He's a ginger-haired kid in a parka, but don't underestimate this little hellraiser; Angry Kid is the product of Aardman Animations but couldn't be further from the amiable antics of Wallace & Gromit. If he's not stuffing himself with chocolate and fizzy drinks until he's sick, Angry Kid is ramming a cotton bud up his nose or relentlessly picking on his little sister.
Originally played on the Internet and digital television, these (roughly) one-minute sketches are sarcastic, irreverent and definitely not aimed at kids. In "Bone" Angry Kid falls off his bike and has to fend off a ravenous dog who's after the bone newly jutting out from his broken elbow, while in "Hoax Call" he torments a directory enquiries man into shooting himself. Animated using a process called pixilation, director Darren Walsh created Angry Kid using a real actor as a base for a series of masks, creating movements frame by frame. His expressions are hilarious, but what's most appealing about this repugnant little brat is his embodiment of teen angst. Alongside the gross-out humour come some classic observations on teenage quirks, like Angry Kid facetiously enquiring which swear words he's allowed to use. Remember doing that? (via)

Los capítulos de Angry Kid se pueden ver en AtomFilms.

Vodafone "MayFly"

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