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Purple and Brown - "Spaghetti" Muchos mas videos de esta serie en youtube.

Even Purple and Brown recognise Bristol’s importance to the World of Ballooning, but will Brown’s ‘personal’ balloon technique catch on?

Purple and Brown are two high-spirited blob-like creatures whose world is visited by weird and wonderful plasticine characters. Each episode they greet their new friends with infectious laughter and an innocent curiosity, which often ends in one or both of them sustaining injury. Nothing seems to wipe the grin off their faces - not even hungry zombies, grumpy aliens or scary monsters. It seems the more they manage to damage themselves, the happier Purple and Brown appear to be!

Created by Aardman’s Richard Webber, the 10 x 1 second interstitials and 20 x 10 second stings will broadcast on International Nickelodeon channels from this autumn and will also feature on Nickelodeon UK’swebsite.

Richard Webber (Writer/Director) graduated in Animation from Newport Film School in 1991.

He joined Bristol-based Cod Steaks as a set builder and went onto to work for CMTB Animations as an animator on Tony Hart’s Art Box Bunch and other series and commercials. He continued to animate on various short films and more commercials for Bolex Brothers, before becoming a member of the animation team for Robbie the Reindeer: Hooves of Fire for the BBC.

In 2000 Rich joined Aardman Animations, working as a key animator on Creature Comforts, Angry Kid, Morph, a short film for the World Wildlife Fund and numerous commercials. He wrote and directed his first short film Lens’ Lens in 2002, and added to his directing credits with some ‘stings’ for Channel 4’s E4 and commercials for The Countryside Code and Serta.

In 2005 he wrote and directed a series of shorts featuring his own characters Purple and Brown for Nickelodeon, and he is currently developing a full length series for his creations Munkee Duck and Stoat. (via)

Creature Comforts: "Suppose you Say" Muchos mas videos de esta serie en youtube.

Angry Kid Special pt. 4 Muchos mas videos de esta serie en youtube.

The Morph Files - "The Dog Show" Muchos mas videos de esta serie en youtube.

Richard Webber en Digital Spy
Rich Webber en Aardman

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