Thomas Hicks

"I graduated from Kingston University in July 2004 with a degree in Illustration. During my degree I specialised in Animation, working with drawn animation processes and live action. After I graduated, I was a Runner at Framestore-CFC in Soho, London for a few months and have more recently been working as a Junior Digital Lab Operator at Framestore-CFC doing restoration work on film projects such as ‘Fateless’, ‘Sahara’ and ‘The Constant Gardener’. In February I won a commission to make a music video for Warp Records as part of a competition run in Creative Review Magazine. It was for one of their new artists called ‘Gravenhurst’ for a track called ‘I turn my face to the forest floor’. I have just finished a new video and artwork for Warp Records for Gravenhurst once again and just finished the artwork for their new album – 'Fires in Distant Buildings' – out on October 24th 2005. I am currently working as a freelance – doing illustration and animation work. I have been 'festival hopping' with my film for the last few months which I have really enjoyed."(via)

Gravenhurst - "I turn my face to the forest floor" más info

GravenHurst - "The Velvet Cell" (el video para descargar)

Thomas Hicks Animation Montage 2007

DNTEL - "Rock My Bo" Directed By Jenny Coburn, Thomas Hicks and Will Perrens. 2007

Animation - Thomas Hicks, Music - Aaron Lampert.

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