Peter Sluszka

Raised in the suburbs of New York, Peter Sluszka was ensnared by the city's undertow for as long as he can remember. Once a mysterious place of ancient relatives speaking in tongues, Manhattan became home when Peter studied literature and visual arts at Columbia University, eventually contriving to combine his love of storytelling and visual innovation by studying stop-motion animation at SVA. Zillions of frames and innumerable painstaking shots later, he would love to retire but honestly wouldn't know what else to do.

Noted in Creativity Magazine's 2006 "Director to know now", Peter has directed animation for original content, animation on commercials, music videos and television series, Peter has collaborated with Michel Gondry, and manipulated everything from traditional foam latex puppets, to meat, origami, snow, and yarn.(via)

"smithwicks shergar"

regina spektor "samson"

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