Lubomír Beneš

He began in the late fifties in the Animation Studios of Kratky Film Prague, working in almost all professions of animation. About ten years later he realized his first film "Homo" (Man) in Jiri Trnka's Studio. Since this late sixties' debut he directed over a hundred short films, mostly puppet animations - many of them for children.

His films got quite a few prizes abroad and at home. Alone "The King and the Dwarf" (Kral a skritek) got about ten of them - e.g. Silver Carnation in Sitges, Silver in Odessa, Silver Mikeldi in Bilbao. For the "Record Player" (Gramofon) from the series "Pat & Mat /...and that's it! (Pat a Mat /…a je to!) there was the Prize for the best film for children at the 6th festival in Espinho. For "Uneven Fight" (Nerovny souboj) the Main prize in Vancouver. For "With a Smile" (S usmevem) the main prize Golden Dancer in Huesca.

Since 1990 he worked in his own studio in Prague, which he founded together with other Czech and Slovak animation professionals. The latest Pat & Mat films got a number of prizes and awards at international festivals, too.

Lubomir Benes died at the end of 1995. His collaborators continue the work, the next episodes of the Pat & Mat series are in the making. (via)

"Pat & Mat (...A je to!)" Vladimir Jiranek (ilustrador), - Episode 1 (1979)

"Pat & Mat (...A je to!)" Vladimir Jiranek (ilustrador), - Episode 2 (1979)


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