Jay Falconer

Jay Falconer was born May 25th, 1957 and he was raised by a pack of wolves in suburbanWinnipeg. After a mediocre childhood, Jay bid farewell to his lupine family and departed the cave in the cul-de-sac that he called home. After attending Sheridan College in Ontario, Jay dove head first into a mediocre animation career.

Jay has worked on many animation projects, but his most notorious work has been with International Rocketship Ltd. of Vancouver, Canada. He has animated, designed and directed various commercial projects for ROCKETSHIP. In return for his dedication and certain favors, ROCKETSHIP produced Jay's first short cartoon, DOG BRAIN. On his thoughts behind the film, Jay says, "I wanted to explore the unexplored mind-work of man's-best-friend. Marv Newland, my producer, thought it was a mediocre enough idea to make really big money". (via)

"Deadly Deposits " (1992)

"Dog Brain" (1988)

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